OptiBot: Precision-Tuned Options Strategy and Alert System

Purpose: OptiBot enables detailed programming of your option strategies, including position management and defining exit and abort criteria. Leveraging historical option data instead of theoretical models, it analyzes years of trading activity within seconds, offering immediate insights into strategy performance to hone efficiency. If satisfied with your strategy, let OptiBot automate the process. It follows your strategy using live data, sends real-time email updates, and provides access to leading strategies for expanded trading opportunities.


Access & Login:

  • Link to the Software: OptiBot Online Platform
  • Login Details:
    1. Navigate to the login page via the above link.
    2. Use your registered email as the username.
    3. Input the license code provided as password.
    4. Click ‘Sign In’ to access the platform.


Need Help?: For any questions or further assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team or check our FAQs.

How to navigate the automatic backtesting process with OptiBot

Press the Clone button to use an existing template for generating a new backtest

Change the settings in the Job Definition section

Enter the trade(s) in the Trades section

Enter the entry criteria in the Entry & Adjustment Criteria section

Execute the trade by pressing the Execute Job button

After a few seconds the job is finished

The performance of the trade is shown in the QuantStats Overview

Furthermore insight in the margin requirement is shown

The Data Explorer tab gives insight in the Tradelog, Resultlog and Net Asset Value

The Risk Graph Player will give you a view of the trade performance in time

For Live Tracking, press the Live Tracking button (can only be used for Private Trades)

Receive daily (realtime) updates of your trade(s) using our realtime datafeed OptiData