OptiLiveX: The Ultimate Platform for Managing Live Trades and Manual Backtesting.

Purpose: OptiLiveX emerges as a cornerstone for traders. Specifically crafted to allow for efficient management of live option trades, it also offers functionalities for manual backtesting of options strategies. Through its seamless interaction with broker platforms, it leverages the capabilities of our OptiDataX software, ensuring real-time data and precision in trade execution.


Access & Login:

  • Link to the Software: OptiLiveX Online Platform
  • Login Details:
    1. Navigate to the login page via the above link.
    2. Use your registered email as the username.
    3. Input the license code provided as password.
    4. Click ‘Sign In’ to access the platform.


Need Help?: For any questions or further assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team or check our FAQs.


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