OptiTrade: Interactive Trading Strategy Manager

Purpose: Take control of your options trading with OptiTrade, the hands-on tool for strategic trade management. Manually enter your trading strategies and assess their potential using powerful backtesting with historical data. In the live market, manage your trades with precision and confidence. OptiTrade empowers you to execute your trading plan with discipline and insight.


Access & Login:

  • Link to the Software: OptiTrade Online Platform
  • Login Details:
    1. Navigate to the login page via the above link.
    2. Use your registered email as the username.
    3. Input the license code provided as password.
    4. Click ‘Sign In’ to access the platform.


Need Help?: For any questions or further assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team or check our FAQs.

How to navigate the manual backtesting process with OptiTrade

Start by pressing the button: Select live or backtrack data

In this case we select the SPX_backtrack database with historic data

Select an expiration date pressing the button: Select expiration

Select the desired expiration date(s)

Enter your trade by entering values in the adjust column (+ for buying, – for selling)

Press Commit Trade to add the trade to the trade log

Move the slider (or press play) to go forward in time and watch the performance of the trade

The portfolio overview gives you insight in all the open positions